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I have to respond.

[Calmly Irish]

You have not took more than you need.

She stated she has taken more than she needs and I cannot fault her for living her life the way she wants.  In fact I congratulate her.  Having ample luxuries in your life is not a fault or a vice nor is the effort it takes to achieve those things.

Do you praise greed at the gas pumps, grocery stores.

I recognize the ideal that a company can charge me whatever price they want for their product.[1]  I also recognize, and so does the company, that I don't have to pay that company for their product.

You don't have a problem with inhumane labor practices

Astreja never said that.  I'm sure she would have problems with inhumane labor practices and human rights violations.  Being selfish doesn't mean you're automatically an immoral brute.

You don't have a problem with inhuman labor practices so corps. can profit 50 billion $ instead of 20.

If it's through inhumane labor practices then it's a problem.  If a company simply nets $30 billion in extra profit I call that good business.  It would be immoral to tell a company however large or small how much profit they can and cannot make.  Similarly it would be immoral to tell a man how much profit he can or cannot make from his job.

Or those people that have died from cancer because of fracking for gas and blasting off mountain tops that leaves communities water sources poisoned with carcinogens.

Uhh... what?

Do you praise murder too, rape, pediphilia?

This is one of those back-handed ad hominem thingies I smited you for.  A person who is selfish is just that: selfish.  It means they have high self-esteem for their self and does not mean they praise murder, rape, or pediphilia [sic].  Sheesh.

Better yet go tell the ones that are still alive and fighting for their little precious lives what a friend you are to their murderer.

And this is one of those blatant ad hominem thingies I smited you for.

Tell the families that have lost their homes because greedy corps found cheaper labor overseas, mostly women and children working in substandard conditions.

If it's a matter of sweat shops and inhumane conditions, yeah they're bad.  That's not an issue for me.  Finding cheaper labor for making your product is just good business, if it's of equal quality.  If you were a business person you would want to make the best product for the lowest cost.  If you could make the same product for less cost you would take it.  Why make Product A for 20x cost when you could make Product A for 10x cost?
 1. For the sake of it I'm ignoring anti-trust laws
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