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From another post here I learned of the research journal that Answers in Genesis has published for the past six years.  I was completely unaware of this journal but after a quick Google search found the site:


The journal is published once a year and so far has six volumes (2008-2013).  Most volumes have somewhere around 15 articles although this year there are only seven articles (how sad).  Now, I did some cursory reading and I don't know where they get off calling this a research journal.  This is more of a glorified opinion journal.  There is no research i.e. lab work, experimentation, clinical work, models, computer programs, etc.  Nonetheless it offers some rip-roaring good reading for anyone interested.  I've found a slew of articles dealing with microbiology and evolution that have me occupied.  I've even learned something from them![1]

For instance, one article I plan on reading is:

Microbes and the Days of Creation

From the abstract this article is going to try and describe at what day God created all those pesky microorganisms.  This should be hilariously painful.
 1. Baraminology
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