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However, the problem is the amount of time evolution takes.

What exactly do you mean by "amount of time evolution takes"? Evolution, in the simplest terms, is just a change in a gene pool from one generation to the next.  Any statistically significant change in gene frequency is evolution. In this way evolution can occur between two generations which, depending on the reproduction time and rate of the organism, can be extremely quick if there is a drastic change in environmental conditions.

That change, though possibly imperceptible to us, is evolution.

Life on this planet has seen changes far faster than micro evolution can explain.

How so?  Small, even tiny, changes can lead to massive overall change with enough time.  It takes a statistical mindset to see what evolution can build with enough time.  An example would be the "Would you take $1,000,000 now or a penny doubled for 31 days" thought project.  Evolution builds upon previous change to create more change.  And then that change is compounded by more change.  And on and on.
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