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I know I don’t want to live forever in this god forsaken world of suffering, so death frees us from this world to one where

Then why not kill yourself?  I'm not making threats but I am asking in a genuinely honest manner.  If you think living is so bad and that there is a better place to go to (heaven) then why not just go there?  Have your death free you from this world, as you said.

A good one is how did gender and sex evolve...

Done: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxysZmNsyDk]

Alzael, can you refer me to a single case where life arose from non-living matter?

The chicken nuggets and french fries I ate from McDonalds are currently being digested and metabolized into parts for my body.  In other words the non-living "chicken" nuggets and fried potatoes are being metabolized into life.  In general the proteins will be broken down for building blocks to form more proteins, the lipids will be stored for energy and form the cell walls in reproducing cells, building blocks for nucleotides will take some of the material, the sugars and starches will both be used for energy and stored in my muscles, certain ions from the food will be used by my neurons to fire ... basically.

Irish, thank you for your kind warning.

You're welcome.  It can get rather crazy with multiple posts coming at you all at once.

Kin hell, yeah, the whole universe is evidence, it just depends on how you look at it, whether you want there to be a creator or not.

The universe doesn't work like that.  There is objectivity in the universe which doesn't care what I want the world to be like.  The universe is what it is regardless of what I think or want of it.  There either is a god or there isn't.  My wants have nothing to do with that.

Also, is there anyone here who truly wants there to be a creator, but can’t allow themselves to believe it because the evidence points them to a creator-less universe?  I’m just curious.

Again, it doesn't matter what I want regarding the universe and how things work.
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