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What the man in the article was trying to say, though I make no argument in his ability to say it was this. If you believe in a strictly natural world, one only gonverned by the laws of science. You can have morals, you can be empathetic, you just have no logical reason to.

One's own values are a logical reason to.  They are logical premises upon which logical moral positions arise.

Theists believe that the true morality is with God along with all other truth.

They are employing their own subjective values in assigning God that role in their lives.  The dilemma remains the same, no matter how many gods you add to the equation.

For that reason, a Theist could say that Rape was wrong because the statement: Rape is wrong is either true or false.

They would be referring to their own values, and possibly those of a god.  With respect to that standard, it is either true or false.  The standard exists objectively.  Contradictory standards also exist objectively.  Why omit reference to which standard one is selecting?

If you believe in a strictly natural or scientific universe, you could never logically say that rape is wrong because rape is just atoms moving in a particular fashion, there is no truth or meaning behind it. What instead you could say is that I dont like rape. But those are your personal feelings about it, who gives a dam. That doesnt mean that Joey doesnt like rape andif Joey likes rape and you don't thats just his prefference in the same why that he likes Coke and you like Pepsi. Because there is no objective standards on which to measure both you and Joey's tastes you could never say one is better than the other. So when this man says there are no good atheists what he meens is there are no good naturalists ( those who believe in a natural universe) and when he means there are no good naturalists what he means is that there are logical naturalists, there are good naturalists, but there certainly are not any logical and good naturalists.

That's wonderful.  You havn't given this topic a moment's thought, have you?
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