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If all life does not evaporate from planet Earth tomorrow never to return, where is the value or meaning of anything you did or said or learned or contributed? ...

I think all would benefit from an answer to this flip of your question above, BS.  A literal, direct, comprehensive answer.  Where is the value of these things?

If I were say that any temporary meaning that exists becomes meaningless when our world no longer exists, would that satisfy you?

I wish I knew what you were trying to demonstrate here with your contention. What don't you understand?

I asked a very direct question, BS.  As direct as your own question was when you worded it.  Why the evasiveness?

But since you asked, I'm trying to see whether your hypothetical (all life ending) has anything to do with the meaning that would supposedly be lost.  Presumably, without all life ending, it will carry on.  Otherwise your own question makes no sense, right?
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