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^^ Victoria did appreciate the prank as a "got me there" part, despite the trauma - knowing her, I knew she'd be alright, and would probably do the same to someone else.

I guess I focused on that a bit much in the OP, and asked for pranks that were in far worse taste than I should have.  You, Pianodwarf, and Traveller are right, there are pranks and then there's bullying.  I should have asked for the funniest pranks, not the most traumatic.  Traumatic pranks can be very damaging to a person.  While the one I described in the OP worked out in the end, and those who knew Victoria well knew it probably would, afaik the guy who did it didn't know her that well.  For all he knew, she'd be seriously scarred.

Thanks for the dose of cold water.
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