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     Unlikely events happen all the time??  I guess you would know if the nature of God is incoherent because you are pretty good at making logically incoherent statements yourself.

There is nothing wrong with his statement that unlikely events happen all the time.  They do.  The specific event is unlikely, the only likely thing is that something will happen that the odds were against.

A typical example is shuffling a deck of cards.  The specific arrangement in that deck that results from the shuffling is astronomically unlikely.  However, it happens all the time.

Another example is a lightning strike.  Any particular object getting hit by lightning[1] is very unlikely.  Yet lightning strikes happen all the time.

If a man rising from the dead three days after being crucified would not constitute overwhelming demonstrable evidence even if it were true, then there is no such thing as overwhelming demonstrable evidence - that sure sounds like closed-mindedness to me.

Evidence of the supernatural, or evidence of something natural that we don't understand yet?  That, I think, is median's point.

Supernaturalism is itself incoherent, GaW.  For a god to exist in a definite state, it would have to be natural.  Anything that operates in a coherent fashion is natural.  If something truly supernatural existed, then its effects would be completely boundless and the universe as we know it would be destroyed.  If it had bounds, if it had a definite manner of operation, then it would not be supernatural.
 1. Lightning rods aside...
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