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1. Assuming they don't expect to go there themselves, they must feel that their works (including belief behavior) has merited salvation from that fate.  Ie., they don't really deserve that fate anymore.  If they did, and their god didn't send them there, then their god would be violating its own sense of justice.
  Even if it is self-directed for the person in question, I don't particularly care how (s)he feels about his or her self.  A self-hating person who hates you, still hates you.

2. That sort of action only makes sense for people who don't believe that others deserve to go to hell.  "Turn or burn" is a more common attitude, in my experience.

3. Glad to hear it.  Though I doubt that such people are really drawing from the Bible for most of their hell-beliefs.  More likely they got it from their pastor or whoever.
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