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And that proves that...?

It just means that it's not in common usage.  But in case it slipped your mind, I was responding to this quip:
Definitions are not subjective, if you mean the ones you can find in the dictionary.

No... you'll just claim my definition isn't objective anyway.  :D

Now you're just trolling.

Rather than use old words with pre-existing definitions, you should coin a new term
Hey, let's all speak gibberish! Dubla dran? Morky 'n Mindy parsley shakeahey.

Not at all what I suggested.  But in-line with your trolling.

I stated that intutions are objective. This is a factual statement. If you prefer, intuitions are a brute fact. Are your bruised sensibilities healed now?

Their existence is a brute fact, yes.  They are a part of reality.  All thoughts are.  What sensibilities are you talking about?  I just don't like it when people respond to a genuine attempt to discuss something by trolling or derailing the discussion.  You did the latter earlier by, without explaining what you were doing, deciding to depart from the English language.  Now, in this last post, you're just trolling.

Yes, obviously this is all my fault. I somehow dared to bring my own assumptions in a philosophical discussion, while you obviously did not. I'm also responsible for the last time you stubbed your toe. Cuuuurses!

Seriously... are you trying to make me laugh?

Oh please.  My only rash assumption was that you were speaking English.  You've since corrected me on that point.  The question is, why didn't you do so openly, instead of assuming that what you'd invented was common knowledge?
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