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I didn't start an argument about respect.  I just pointed out that some people earn more respect from us than others.  How is that an argument?  I figured we'd just agree on that point and then move on.

Regarding your definition of religion, I never used the word religion.  I didn't say you belonged to a religion.  I said your beliefs were religious.  That is a different word.  It has many meanings, and by a good chunk of them, we're in agreement:  you are not religious.  There's a key point though:

Quote from: Dictionary.com
Religious is a general word, applying to whatever pertains to faith or worship

Your beliefs are faith-based.  That makes them religious.  They're about the supernatural.  So are religious beliefs.

Even if we were to agree that your beliefs are not religious beliefs, they would still share most characteristics with religious beliefs.  So what's the point of avoiding the word, in the end?

Also I did not call you dishonest.  I said that a certain class of actions is dishonest.  Whether you engage in those actions is up to you.  You are neither inherently honest or dishonest.  It all depends on what you do.

I was not treating you as a child, let alone my child.  Just using the word "behavior" doesn't mean you're treating someone as a child.  I have behavior.  You have behavior.  It's a valid thing to talk about.

I don't need your forgiveness, by the way, as I've done nothing wrong.  If you wish to be in a position to forgive people, then there are religions that could use you well.
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