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^^ Seconded.  Here's a non-theistic example of what DumpsterFire is talking about...

Fred, enthusiastic:  Hey Joe, I built this amazing infinite energy machine, it's capable of powering a million homes - it can power this whole city!

Joe, skeptical:  Uhuh.  Right.  I don't believe you.

Fred, indignant:  Why not?

Joe:  Well, the city's still running on mostly coal power, for starters.  This machine isn't very effective.

Fred:  Oh I'm going to charge them through the nose to use it.  But you can't blame the machine for not powering the city and at the same time deny its existence!

See the problem here, Jst?  Joe was merely pointing out how reality as he sees it doesn't square with the existence of such a device.  Fred decided to misinterpret that as an admission that it exists.  Just like you're doing here with God and starving kids.
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