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Not ignorant based on scientific observations.  Two hundred fifty bushel an acre corn came from corn (50 bushel and acre maybe).

Yes ignorant.  It did not come from a single corn genome that also underwent no beneficial mutation, which is the Biblical scenario for human beings.

Also it's not just a genetic bottleneck at Adam and Eve - there's also the genetic bottleneck of Noah's family to worry about.  Supposedly all our genes for all our different eye, hair, and skin colours, all came from Noah's family.  I guess they were all mixed in there with a power blender.  Yeah.  Something like that.  Not with discrete genes, but as some sort of mixing of substances.

Or so you said.

The different skin/eye color comes from an original design that become a deleterious mutation (very close to level since the information stored in DNA is billions of bits of information).

Not deleterious, apparently.  These traits can be pretty adaptive in different environments, as nogodsforme pointed out.  In any case, could you cite the study that produced the above information?

So, what is your understanding?  As usual, we have to explain while you call us ignorant.  We just don't believe the way you do so we're ignorant, right?

My understanding of what?  Please be specific.
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