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The question you intended was  "If there are details we do not know, is speculation productive?"

No, that is not the question I intended.  -1 for the really obvious and inexcusable lie.

As an aside, (i) it did not happen in Apartheid South Africa.


(ii) I suppose that you would agree that not every death (Black or White) in police custody in Apartheid South Africa was as a result of police action.

Sure.  Now are you willing to answer the question I actually asked, or would that take too much honesty?  Stating that I meant to ask an entirely different question and then answering that one, isn't honest.  It's frankly beneath you.

I am basically very disappointed by the lack of forensic thought in this topic - it seems to have been overtaken by liberal "right-on" political correctness, which is not at all helpful when a potential prison sentence is at stake; it sounds like hysterical mob rule.

The idea that the police story is accurate is no less speculation than the idea that it is not.  In absense of data, speculating - but not concluding - is reasonable.
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