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A Christian operated business donating to Christian charities and organizations. And?

And those charities are doing things that a lot of people find to be heinous.  Hence, a boycott.

They claim these companies are "anti-gay" but guess what? The bible is not gay friendly, and Christians use the bible as their guide book. Sure, some gay people say differently, but they are lying to themselves. The bible is pretty up front with this.

Agreed.  Those Christians who are not anti-gay yet promote the Bible as a source of morality are sending some seriously mixed messages.

If you want to protest all companies that are not gay friendly, you need to find out which ones are operated by Christians, Muslims, orthodox Jews, or any other related Abrahamic religion.  Any people of these religions that are gay friendly are ignoring parts of their religion, so you'd have to determine the viewpoint of every single one.

Perhaps.  And if that were the reason why CFA was the subject of a boycott, then you might have a point.  As it is...
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