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I am well aware of nearly every mistake I've ever made, and I am perfectly capable of recognizing them.

However, his generalization of My generation included Myself, since I'm part of My generation. I was also raised during My generation, so I know he's wrong about what he said.
About what, specifically?  I isolated everything he'd said.  Pluck it out explicitly.  What was he wrong about?

Besides, I had already guessed that he would've tried to use anything to exclude people's experiences that would prove him wrong, as he always does. If you want to point the finger at someone who can't admit when he's wrong, I recommend joebbowers.
Oh he's got his own problems, to be sure.  But in this case, you're being completely unreasonable.

Not that you're open to that possibility.  You've got the faith I mentioned, and which you expressed directly in your first paragraph above.
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