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If a pedophile chooses to adopt a child that is of a sex they are not attracted to they aren't likely to have to deal with the same issues as a pedophile who chooses to adopt a child of the same sex that they are attracted.

I agree 100%.  That was my only point.  And you've brought up a relevance I had not considered:  The option of adopting children of a sex one is not attracted to does call into question the motives of a pedophile who seeks to adopt a child of the sex (s)he is attracted to.  From what Joe has said, that's not his situation.  But it's a valid point re: the issue of this thread in general.  So I was wrong there.

All I'm attempting to establish is that there are actions being made by Joe that bring in to question the safety of children when pedophiles attempt to raise children of a sex that they have an attraction for.

Oh, undoubtedly.  The whole thing stinks now.

I'm still curious as to why you chose to assume I didn't read your post? I also hope we are on the same page now.

We are.  And I never assumed you didn't read it; I assumed you'd misread it.  And I was still wrong.
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