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I want this car in the name of President Azdgari.
President Azdgari wants me to have this. Give it to me now.
Azdgari asked me to with draw this money from the President Azdgari account. 
I will take this money in the name of President Azdgari.

If I was actually President Azdgari, and if I'd already said you could ask for anything in my name, and if I had the power and authority to grant you that money, then that would be fine.  This is the situation described by the scripture we both disrespect.

Do you see how there is responsibly in the use of a name? 
How correct use requires your approval first?

Yes.  Scripture directly states we have that approval in all cases.  That is what the word "anything" means.

Suppose I empty your bank account in your name.  Could I do that again an hour later?
Clearly this will only work with your approval. Legally, i get in trouble.
Practically, your bank account gets emptied the first time.

It only works with your full approval, every time.

You could do this.  You wouldn't get much money the 2nd time, but you could still empty what was there.  If it was a supernatural bank account without limits then you could draw from it indefinitely.  And if I had already stated that you could ask for anything in my name, and get it, then (assuming my statement was recognized legally) you would have my permission.

I totally get that you don't believe in scripture.  But at least have the balls to say so outright instead of these silly games.
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