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Nah, but I'd rather not get too deep into why exactly that is, or the ins and outs of my sexual preferences.  The long and short of it is that I didn't find that girl sexually attractive and probably wouldn't have even if she were a few years older.  So yeah...

Apologies for bringing it up; whether or not you, yourself, are attracted to that image is beside the point anyway.  The troublesome part of Quesi's post is this (emphasis mine):

Quote from: Quesi
I think it is a photo that would appeal to the kind of man who wants control over a submissive woman, (or girl, and that is very telling in itself) and has no interest in knowing anything about who she is and what she thinks and what she longs for

Quesi is suggesting that those of us who experience a sexual attraction to such an image likely fit the description she gave.  Very teling about whom?  Well, about the audience who's attracted, of course.

As a man who experienced involuntary sexual arousal upon viewing that image, I take Quesi's post to mean that I am a dominating, shallow partner who doesn't give a rat's ass about how his partner feels.

This all may not have been Quesi's intent.  But that's how it came across, and I don't think I'm totally out to lunch for having read it that way.
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