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I've been harassed for most of the day for something I never fucking did; without explanation, without citation, and for the most part while being completely ignored by anyone practically begging for an explanation.

Oh, that.  Meh, you're not uncivil.  You're just a pain to bother to talk to.  Hell, I actually know what all the words mean in your posts, and it's still a pain to try to sort it out a lot of the time.  Communication isn't priority #1 there.

It doesn't exactly place one in a nice friendly mood.

Why should that sort of thing affect your posts?[1]

Your initial response wasn't to address what I'm accused of, of being 'uncivil', but instead to go off on a tangent about 'goals'

I was not aware that the accusations of incivility were the only permitted topic of the thread.  I consider my line of questioning to be entirely on-topic to the spirit of the thread, albeit not to those accusations you mention.  I wasn't making them in the first place, so I'm curious as to why I should have only commented on them?

where ultimately you're just going to conclude that we should allow people to lie to our faces and treat us like shit.

Or restrict them to the Shelter.  An action that I already lauded before you made this post.  So why do you state this falsehood?

Accommodating the religious fantasies of others doesn't accomplish anything more than asking them to support their positions ad nauseam, the only net result is that the community is disrupted by someone that has little to contribute.

Depends on what they're talking about, and what they need.  Why do you think that Jst is still here?  He must know that we're not going to ever convert to be JWs.  I'm not suggesting that he's about to become an atheist, but what purpose do you think that this forum serves for him?
 1. Rhetorical question.
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