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Maybe it could be said to be deterministic to some degree.  But to produce conscious beings with the capacity to question the validity of the universe's deterministic nature,  means that undermines the whole nature of it.

The bolded text is meaningless in-context.  What is "the whole nature of it"?  How is it being "undermined"?  You're still talking nonsense, Gill.

It's like saying the universe was determined to produce entities which realized they weren't determined.   Determinism undermines it's own premise in this sense.

"Was determined to..."?  Jesus Christ on a stick, Gill, I just explained to you - and you quoted it! - that under determinism, the universe isn't consciously determining anything.  I am determined to be ready for my glacial geology exam Wednesday night.  That's a statement that's only meaningful when talking about the state of a conscious mind.  You're using it to describe something in your critique[1] of determinism that, under determinism, isn't conscious in any way.  And again, that's just dumb.  Or dishonest.  Take your pick.

That's because it's not the absolute true nature of reality, it's simply a human understanding of some particular aspects of reality they choose to focus on, not applicable to all concepts.

You keep on re-stating your conclusion.  You do this, after writing posts which make little sense and/or are full of really dumb points.  Why do you feel that this is justified?

I'd say that is free-will,  determinism is like the coin flip mentioned earlier, since it has none of the capacities I mentioned.

You'd say it's free-will.  But that's because, as you've demonstrated in the post I just responded to, you have very little understanding of what you're talking about.
 1. I use the term loosely
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