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I really really really don't see how when it comes to religion.

Then to be consistent, you must not be able to see how marginalizing any other belief or action can be done without marginalizing the segment of society which believes or acts in the way being marginalized.

Right, but religious belief is not an action. It is illegal for a person go down to the local Wicca gift shop and burn the witch. They will not be found innocent of the crime just because their Bible told them to do it. As a result witches are as safe as anybody else in America today.

I know it's not.  I included an "action" example for the purpose of demonstration of what I'm talking about.  Since the topic is marginalizing beliefs, I also included a "belief" example...though, as Joe has noted, people are having their actions marginalized in your counter-example.

Unfortunately that depends on your definition of *abuse* and is a subject for which I am currently struggling with.

Every point either of us brings up will depend on the definitions of the words we use to make those points, so I don't see why you're bothering to bring it up here.  It does not bear on my point; it only distracts.

I see how it equates with the subjective nature of the definition of *marginalization* though. I would not have as much trouble accepting you using the word marginalize if you said you were using it the way Joe is trying to use it. I would still voice my concern however.

This doesn't do any better of a job of addressing what I said.  Care to take another stab at it?  I was making a point in my paragraph.  It had to do with the question at the end.

I did find something I think can put the language being used into perspective.
What good does it do to use the same tactics as the EVIL Christians?

Your question makes no sense.  We are using those 'evil' tactics right now.  They are enshrined in our culture and our law.  We just take the marginalization of those things, such as of egregious child abuse, for granted as "right".

Another example that might be educational:  The belief that "God hates fags" and that, following from this, gays are abominations and don't deserve the same rights as others.

This view has been marginalized by much of society.  Is that oppression?  Is that wrong?  Don't dodge this time, please, because this very sense of "marginalization" is what Joe is advocating.
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