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I'd reply to your email, but there are no paragraphs. Mind signing up and paragraphing properly?

Fixed the paragraphing and some of the grammar and spelling errors for you. Enjoy:

Why, is the question man has been asking since Adam and Eve left the Garden. Your questioning God is nothing new or unique in its insight or even very imaginative. Without realizing it, you prove the existence of God by your own questioning. You demand proof. Why should He or any Evangelical Christian provide it for you?

If God healed an amputee, it would do nothing for you. It would not cause you to believe. We all believe in something. You believe in yourself and your own abilities to reason against God's existence. The debate would benefit nobody. You only want to disprove His existence.

Belief in anything comes from within us. You are your own God. You believe in you and only in what you can see. You have no understanding of God's Word, but yet try to disprove it. Human wisdom and understanding is limited. God's plan in the Bible is simple from front to back; He seeks to save that which is lost and loves very much. That is what I believe. You want to believe in your own understanding. That certainly is your choice and I respect it. It would be futile for me or anyone else to try and persuade you and likewise it would be so for you to try and persuade me. We all live under the same conditions making our own choices.

I defend with all I have your right to believe that there is no God and your right to preach it to all who will listen. I wonder if our country and people such as you will defend my right to believe in a creator who loves me and sent His Son to die for me. You pick verses you don't like; nor understand in any context and try to make them out to be brutal and uncaring.

You lack any understanding of the covenants God has made with the Jews and the gentiles. You seek no understanding! You want to do the same as mankind has done since the fall; make God to be what you want Him to be; and when He doesn't do that you say, "I refuse to believe". You want God to heal amputees and you say that because He doesn't, there is no God.

You challenge Christianity as a myth and spend much time and effort doing so. I ask you sir; Why? What do you have to offer mankind that God has not already provided? What do you have for anyone to believe in? What do you have to give them when they believe as you do and refuse their eternal security in Christ? What help do you offer them when tragedies come, when loved ones die, or when we see the whole world is falling apart believing as you do.

You have spent much time and effort challenging all Christians to prove why they believe in Christ. I wish you would truly love them and share what you have to give them when they turn their back on God. I fear you have nothing to give them that can ever replace what God has done for us; the forgiveness, the peace, the joy, and rest in all that He has promised.

You would rather focus on what you "feel" God has not done or proven instead of trying to experience all that He has done. Your challenges mean nothing. You take great pride in the fact that none accept your challenge. A debate has never saved even one. Any true lasting and meaningful relationship takes two parties to be committed. You are only committed to yourself. It is the inherited human nature from Adam for a man to be "wise in his own eyes" and full of himself.

For me, I choose to be full of Christ. I will do so because not only have I found the Bible to be the Truth, but also I have witnessed it in my own relationship with the Father. My soul attests to the Truth of His Word. I am neither delusional nor programmed, as you would espouse. You are free to believe as you wish as all of us are. God gave that right to us; to choose. Continue your challenge of God. What do you offer in place of Him? Will it satisfy all who hear it? Will it provide them any peace, any joy, or any comfort when the storms come?

I say you have nothing to offer anyone who might choose to challenge God's existence. God is God. He will never change just because you demand proof of Him. The proof is in the relationship with Him and you lack that.

You want proof! There is only one way to find it. Give yourself to Him and all will be revealed to you. I know you will have an answer for all that I have said. I hope your answers hold up on the final Day of Judgment. For we all will know then for sure!              [name removed]

Edit: Huzzah, my 600th Post on WWGHA was a post correcting someone's terrible grammar. I feel so dead inside.
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