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Back after a long leave of absence from the (down) forum to... Not much new stuff really. Been busy writing, but nothing finished and performed. It'll all be going up in February. Lots of news though!

Firstly got a Scholarship and a Place at the Royal College of Music- really REALLY happy about that!

I'm now also in the process of arranging my New Sounds concert, tell me if you like the design-

I also had my work performed in front of royalty for the first time- Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester was present at the world premiere of this abomination stain on nature composition for Chamber Orchestra, performed at the Carpenter's Hall, London. A CHRISTMAS MEDLEY.

Let me know what you think of it all, I do value your guys's opinions very much! Glad to be back. Hope you all appreciate my *ahem* christmas abomination.
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