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Excellent question Gawd

How about this.  Just a little something that I threw together : - )

'The Word' is equated with the 'Logos' of Greek philosophy.  Another usage of the term 'Logos' is language or discourse.

'The Word' can be understood to be either language or the principle behind language.  Language allows us to differentiate between things.  If we couldn't differentiate then there would just be one big nameless whole.  But after language we have 'things' because we give aspects of our experience (consciousness) names.  We even name ourselves 'I' and this 'I' somehow seems to separate us from the rest of reality.  So our very selves depend on a name.

1. So through language (esp naming) all things were made!  A universe of things (matter) was constituted.

Language also differentiates humans from animals.  Each of us takes on the name 'I' at some early stage of our lives.  And both OT and NT suggest that 'I AM' is the name of God.

2. So in this way we are made in his image.

So the first name, the first word, what could it be ?  I suppose it would have to be the name of God wouldn't it !?

3. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Jesus is alleged to have said 'before Abraham was I am' - and they took up stones to throw at him because he was taking on God's name.

The significance of God's name -

Every statement can be doubted except one.  The entire universe and even my body may be a dream, an illusion, a trick.  But I cannot doubt the dreamer.  If I doubt my own consciousness then this act requires an 'I' (consciousness) in order to do so.  Thus doubting the statement proves it true!.  Is there any other statement that is proved true by doubting it ?  Is it coincidence that the only statement that we can be certain of is 'I am' ?

This analysis can go on to explain how humans separate from God by taking on a self (a personal 'I') which can be equated to 'original sin' passed on from generation to generation without thinking.  I take God's name but I assign it to a separate individual self.  I attempt to separate myself from the rest of reality.  Now, the world is a threat to me.  It can harm me.  Others are now my competitors.

The self is associated with selfishness while one of the core elements of religions is to promote selflessness, unity, self denial.  So what happens if we become fully selfless ?  The individual dissolves and the whole is restored.  Unity with God - the one true self - the whole - the source of all consciousness and also the nsmr of consciousness as well - 'I AM'.
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