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Most Christians consider the event of crucification as a "victory over death"

That is the carrot which causes the donkey to keep pulling the load.

When scrutinized the story of jesus comes off as concocted.

Using an invisible magic being god impregnated a human who bore his child which he later had killed in a sacrificial offering to himself in order to save mankind for the sin he negligently let happen.

What is stopping god from presenting a solid event (or evidence) in which he leaves no doubt in our minds about his existence?  This would cetainly cutail many of the evil acts that occur everday

Instead, we get this jesus story, told to believe it thus we will be forgiven and go to eternal happiness at the lord’s side. Or you could point to all the other god interventions (floods, murder, plaques and so on) as evidence of god (and xians happily do this).
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