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As for Hell call your crime treason against The king of Kings. As for Heaven, God is there, and Millions of bible thumpin' Jesus freaks. Nothing to do but worship, sing praise, and give Glory to our God for eternity.

Celestial North Korea.  Got it.  Question for you though: how exactly is it, that you have "glory" to give to this god of yours, "glory" he apparently doesn't already have, which he needs so badly that, if it's not forthcoming, he'll lash out at you with all of the violence at his command?  How is it even possible for an omni-everything Creator Godtm to need anything, much less need it so bad he acts like a meth addict being denied a fix?

Another question for you: Hanging out with a bunch of Bible thumpin' Jesus freaks, worshiping, singing praise, and giving glory to your god--you do that for an hour, maybe two, every Sunday.  Have you ever looked at your watch when the pastor's sermon went a little long, or when the music minister called for "one more song," fidgeting in your pew and thinking about breakfast or watching the game?  Now imagine that church service going on For.  Ever.  Is that a place you want to be?

This will shock you but you live in a fallen wicked world. Most of which rejects God. Most that profess God are false, liers, and wicked. Christian in name only. Evil is a product of the fallen (not created) nature of man.

How is this not a colossal, cosmic failure on Yahweh's part?  Since Yahweh is (according to you) very, very mad at all of this "fallen" stuff, it follows that he did not want things this way.  Yet, they are this way and he is not merely frustrated and angry, but he will be frustrated and angry for eternity.  No matter how long he works the bellows, no matter how hard he treads on the winepress of his wrath crushing the souls of the damned, there will never be a point at which he can say "Their misery has now equaled mine.  Justice has been served, and it is time to stop."  There will be no point at which he can relax, allow the fires to go out, and say, "It is finished."  He.  Will.  Never.  Have.  Peace.    

If your story is correct, Yahweh is necessarily the most miserable, angry, frustrated, and hopeless being in all of existence.  One could almost pity him, if he wasn't such a sadistic megalomaniac.

If you could even grasp what it means to be the sovereign God of All,

I submit to you that you have no conception or grasp of what it would actually mean to be a sovereign God of All.  Such an entity would not be capable of the failures you attribute to him.  "Wrath" would be an alien emotion, because "wrath" is a reaction to things not going one's way, and a truly "sovereign God of All" would not be metaphysically capable of having that experience.  Of course, you can't imagine an entity a billion times more intelligent, capable, enlightened, and so on than yourself, much less that such an entity might have a conception of greatness that utterly transcends your vision of a human king or dictator with some glowy special effects, plus a really nasty dungeon that nobody ever escapes.

I find it fascinating how people like you say you want to praise and "magnify" and glorify the Creator of the Cosmos, yet your picture of "him" is so very, very small, so simplistic in its needs and desires, so very human.  And not even the best kind of human.  Your concept of the Divine is no Gandhi, no Martin Luther King, no Einstein, not even a Themistocles.  Rather, his behavior maps most closely to Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, and Vlad the Impaler--the people usually listed as the worst of us, the most "fallen," if you want to use that terminology. 

When we use the phrase "to play God," notice how we do not use it as a way to denote doing something utterly magnificent and sublime, like composing a great symphony or walking on the moon, or radically improving the lives of a billion poor and suffering people.  No, we use it to refer to doing something frightening or even atrocious, without any accountability or moral restraint.

Fascinating, don't you think?  Have  you ever wondered why that might be?

From what you've said, it sounds like your concept of "God" is pretty much like this:

"Holy---  He's freakin' huuuuge!  Do you see how he totally dwarfs that teeny little human at his feet?  Fear and obey!  FEAR AND OBEYYYYY!"


And yet, if we were to set him and his boxy throne next to our Sun--a perfectly ordinary star on the small end of the range of stellar size--he would utterly, completely disappear.  As an object in the Solar System, he wouldn't even qualify as a rounding error.  Compared to all that stuff in the Hubble Deep Field?  He might as well not exist at all!

Of course, you may try to dial him up and say, "Oh no, he created the Hubble Deep Field!  He's way bigger than all that!"  Problem is, though, the size and power-level he's pictured there is about as big as he can get and still have human obedience be of any use to him.  Notice the similarity of scale between that picture, and the statues of Ramses II at Abu Simbel:

I don't think that's entirely a coincidence.  That's about as big as we can dial up a Really Big King before we cease being grasshoppers before him and start becoming bacteria or atoms or protons or quarks, and the whole notion that human obedience and praises remain noticeable--much less of primary importance--to him becomes patently ridiculous.  In other words, in order for you to imagine "God" as a really big, extra-special alpha human, "he" can't be dialed up too far beyond the human size and power class.[1]  If you scale him up too much, he starts becoming alien, and the human power-pyramid you want to enthrone him on ceases to have meaning or value for him.  If the school bully can create a whole galaxy or a billion dollars with a snap of his fingers, why would he still want your lunch money?

Nutshell: The people who profess most loudly that they love, and adore, and worship an infinitely amazing, morally and intellectually perfect Creator of All Things, are the ones who, if such an entity actually existed, would blaspheme it the most.  They are the ones who never actually even sit down, take some time, and really try to think about what a real All-Sovereign Creator of A Hundred Billion Galaxies would realistically be like.
 1. And notice also how in the Bible, he's not very bright.  Clever creatures like a talking serpent, or a veteran camel-trader like Abraham routinely run rings around him.
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