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Hi Junebug,

I'm curious to know why you think that your god was not able to exercise any editorial control over the content of the Bible.  Let's say that someone tried to publish a book entitled Junebug: Child Molester; Cannibal filled with false accusations of "your" brutality and lists of atrocities you "committed."  I think it is very safe to say that you would act to the extent of your abilities to prevent such a book from being published (sue the author and publishers for libel, etc.) or at the very least do all in your power to get an indisputably accurate response out.  An entity capable of crafting bacterial flagella (and pretty much everything else) would almost certainly be capable of either preventing a few misguided humans from misrepresenting his nature, or providing a counter-argument that was indisputably from him.  Given that you define him as "loving" in addition to being "an Intelligent Designer," that leads to the anticipated consequence that he would not want the humans he seeks to love to be terrified of him or become convinced that he's a monster.  So why do you think that he was not able to employ his intelligence and capabilities to finding a solution to "the Bible Problem?"
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