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I know you take this lightly because you've convinced yourself that there is no God or no such thing as hell. Your mind has become a slave to demonic lies and you have convinced yourself that they are true. The reality of the situation is that there is a narrow way to Heaven and few find it and a broad way to hell and many go in it.

Doesn't this bit seem a little odd to you?  Think about it.  I think you would agree with the premise that Jesus wants people to be "saved."  Isn't that why he's portrayed saying, "When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to me"?  That's the message of John 3:16 and the rest, is it not?  I think you would also agree with the premise that Satan wants people to be tortured forever in Hell.  That, presumably, is what all the mind-enslaving to "demonic lies," the temptation to "sin," etc., etc., and so forth is all about.  Right?

So.  If it is the case that only a few find the way to Heaven, while the many end up on the road to Hell, then are you not telling us that Satan wins?  Given that you believe Satan is able to accomplish an everlasting victory on such a scale, and both Jesus and Yahweh are utterly helpless to thwart him, doesn't this mean that you believe Satan to the the more powerful deity?   
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