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Nam: I admit, I was quite disappointed to discover that Oli is just some Southern-fried cornpone Fascist.  I was hoping, based on his avatar and his penchant for citing Church Fathers and the like, that he might be one of those Sophisticated Theologianstm we keep hearing so much about.  Quite the letdown.  That, plus the rank absurdity of his argumentation and the way he doesn't seem to actually know anything about the sources he's citing, e.g. that the Church Fathers were...well...the Church Fathers, i.e., leaders of the Catholic Church.  My guess is he probably copypasted his "scholarly" articles from somewhere else and hasn't really read them, much less the original source material they cite.

Nonetheless, dismissing him on account of his racism (when he's arguing for/about something unrelated to it) is an ad hominem.  Doesn't make his racist views any less repugnant, but they are not a valid reason to reject his theism or his IdiosynChristian theology.  There are plenty of valid reasons though. 
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