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How can an atheist be a freethinker when all of his ideas are from Roman Catholics?

If that were true, which it isn't, it wouldn't matter.  Even if we got "all our ideas from Roman Catholics," we, being freethinkers, can discard an idea when it no longer matches our best understanding of reality, derived by testing it against reality.

Just a summary

Materialism was popularized by the atomism of Descartes, Galileo and Voltaire-all Jesuit trained men.

The word "atom" ought to be a clue.  "Atomism" comes to us through Greek and Roman philosophy, e.g. Democritus and Lucretius.  Not Catholic.  Our modern atomic theory was developed by people like Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Leo Slizard, Marie Curie, etc..  How many Catholics in the lot?

Communism was created by the Roman Catholic statesmen Sir Thomas More and perfected by the Jesuits in their Reductions in Paraguay. Abbé Sieyès was most responsible for the French Revolution and he was a Jesuit. Marx was trained by Jesuits in Trier, Germany.  The Communists did little but destroyed some of the most powerful enemies of the Vatican with the Bolshevik Revolution.

So Communism was a big Catholic conspiracy?  Hahahahahahahaha!  And I bet the Pope is an alien--oh, hang on.  He does have quite the resemblance to Emperor Palpatine.  However, I'm surprised you don't know that the Catholics got their communism from.... *drumroll*  ...Jesus!  See the fifth chapter of Acts, where it states quite plainly that the early Christians held all things in common.  Also: Communism is not an "atheist idea."  It's an economic system that has nothing to do with theism or atheism.  The Soviet Communists were atheist, but Liberation Theology is Christian Communism.

Salamancan Jesuits like Molina and Juan de Mariana laid the foundations for Libertarianism and the Austrian School of Economics.

So the Catholics were behind both Communism and Capitalism?  Those wascally bastards!  They're probably behind all world religions and philosophies and atheism and your particular little IdiosynChristianity, and supported the North and the South in the Civil War.  Just so they'll end up on top no matter what, right?  Never mind that they're spending their resources to fight their own resources, because...oh never mind.  It's A Conspiracy!  That explains everything, and just ignore that your theory contradicts itself.

According to Masonic historian, Johann Bode, the Jesuits created the Masonic Lodge in England to regain the Stuart throne. Freemasonry has now universally infiltrated the large Protestant denominations and turned them to Liberalism.

Funny, if you go back to the original Illuminati/Mason paranoia, John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy, you'll find them being accused of seeking to overthrow the French Monarchy, and with it the Catholic Church in France.  But the Catholics only conspired against themselves because they're just so friggin' clever.  Right?

The famous Freemason Erasmus Darwin was the primary influence on his grandson’s Darwinism and the transitional fossil hoaxes were created by the famous
Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin and men associated with him.

The great "influence" that's responsible for the success of Darwinian evolutionary theory is: the geologic column, the fossil record, genetics, morphology, and the entire science of biology.  The Catholics must have snuck around and planted it all, carving the Grand Canyon and putting seashells on top of Mt. Everest.  Their perfidy knows no bounds!

The big bang theory was created by a Jesuit named Georges Lemaître.

Based on data discovered by Edwin Hubble.  With all sorts of other discoveries and developments of the theory added by...well, pretty much every physicist you could name and lots you can't.  How many of 'em are Jesuits?

Our Gregorian Calendar was even invented by a Jesuit named Christopher Clavius.

It wasn't "invented."  It was updated because accumulation of small errors caused the Julian Calendar to vary too far from astronomical measurements, such as the solstices.  What about the months and the days of the week?  June (Juno, Roman goddess), August (Augustus, a title of Roman Emperors), Monday (the Moon) Wednesday (Wotan's Day, for Wotan/Odin, Norse god), Thursday (Thor's Day--Norse god), Friday (Freya's day--Norse Goddess), Saturday (Saturn's Day, Roman god), Sunday (the Sun).  Did the Catholics go back in time and invent Roman and Norse Paganism too?

Our pandering after international organizations like the United Nations is nothing short of the Vatican’s Ultramontanism that they have been claiming divine right to for centuries.

So, by being involved with international organizations we're upholding Divine Right (of Kings?  But we don't have a King!), yet by upholding Separation of Church and State we're rejecting Divine Right, and when we give the UN the finger and attack a country (e.g. Iraq) unilaterally, we're...what, splitting the difference?  The Catholics must be behind all three, cunning fiends that they are!

The banning of the Bible in public schools is nothing short of the Vatican’s Index of Forbidden Books and their incessant ambition to keep the Bible out of the hands of the common people. This is exactly what Thomas More burned people alive in England for in the 16th century.

And yet, if we required the Bible in public schools, that would be part of the Catholic Conspiracy too, because it's the Catholics who decided what books went into "the Bible" in the first place!  Sorry Oli, you just can't get away from them.  I mean, look at your own friggin' avatar!  There's probably a priest in your closet right now.  Don't think you can catch him though.  They invented these things called priest holes, secret escape hatches, so he can slip away before you can get there with your flashlight.  But he'll be back.....
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