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How do we account for the existence of numbers? Are there multiple physical things to justify the existence of numbers? How do we know there are multiple existing things?

Sorry dude, but accounting kinda requires numbers. 

Humanlike sapient beings, such as the one (or is it three?)[1] Christians worship--and especially a super-duper one/three like Christians worship--are incredibly complex entities, very high up in the Jenga tower of causality and explanatory "accounting."  Trying to "account" for Number by means of anything like the royal decree of a cosmic King is like trying to explain how the foundation of a house rests upon the roofing tiles.

"Number" is a much more fundamental concept (whether you're talking about 'Hey, there are six cows over there' or the way mathematics can actually model the behavior and form of Nature) than the notion of an omni-everything supernatural Sky King who needs status among humans (worship, obedience, praise) and wants to regulate things like the fiber content of people's clothes and the consumption (or not) of shrimp wrapped in bacon.  And that's long before you get to intricacies like, "while Jesus was dead, were there only two Persons of the Trinity?" or how, precisely, a properly-blessed Host can "be" Jesus in essence, while remaining an inanimate cracker in substance (i.e., as detected by every conceivable means of telling what anything "is").

Before we precede any farther, how do you "account for numbers?"
 1. Speaking of having difficulties dealing with number...
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