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So why do we have this forum here for talking about how God is not real. I know how we can find out for sure. Once we die we will know. Its as simply as that.

Do you realize what a startling admission you've just made here?  You have just confessed that you anticipate that reality will behave exactly the way it would if your god did not exist.  There is nothing in reality to suggest that any god like the one you choose to believe in exists.  If it were otherwise, you would be able to offer evidence for the validity of your beliefs.  You have conceded the entire discoverable Cosmos to us, indeed, everything that can ever be discovered, in principle.  All of that will be consistent with the anticipated consequences of atheism, and will behave exactly as we would expect it to, exactly as it would if your god were a figment of your imagination. 

It is only when we die, when "we" are somehow transported into some other reality, that we will be surprised by the existence of your god, or so you say.  Of course this claim is entirely arbitrary, with no possible evidence in its favor.  If it were otherwise, you would have evidence, and thus no need for the claim at all.  Since your claim has no possible connection to reality, even in principle, for all practical intents and purposes it is as if you've said nothing at all.  It is a completely silly and pointless utterance, like claiming that after death we'll all be turned into unicorns and go live on the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Furthermore, there is a considerable amount of actual evidence that bears on the question on what (if anything) happens to us when we die.  Consider a person with Alzheimer's disease, or a stroke victim.  Such brain damage literally damages the self, as such people can forget their names, forget their loved ones and their own lives.  If partial brain damage does this, it is no great leap to understand what 100% brain damage (death) does.  Here's a quick experiment for you: tie on a blindfold and adjust it properly so that no light gets through.  Do you notice that you can't see anything?  How would this be possible if you possessed a "spirit" or "soul" with its own faculty of sight?  Why would blocking off your material eyes eliminate your sight?  Your consciousness is inextricably tied to and mediated by, your body and brain.  This is self-evident. 

But, even if your god were able, somehow, to reconstitute a disembodied consciousness containing my memories and personality, it would be a copy that, being an entity of an entirely different nature than me, would quickly diverge from anything recognizable as "me."  If I own a wooden sailing ship, burn it down, and build a steel battleship in its place, the steel vessel is not the same ship, even if it is given the same name.  Likewise, if my body dies and is replaced by some sort of intangible something in some alternate reality, the new creature is not me.  So, the worst you can threaten us with is a wholly arbitrary claim that if we don't believe what you tell us to, in some other reality your god will torture a copy of us.  The degree of ridiculousness of this is matched only by the degree of vicious injustice it attributes to your god.

So why do we waste our time trying to disprove God,

We have no need to waste a second disproving entirely made-up and arbitrary, evidence-free claims such as yours.  As Christopher Hitchins put it, "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."  We only bother to debunk when Christians attempt to make a case for their god existing in reality.  Since you have agreed that your god us functionally non-existent in this reality, and have no evidence to offer for any other reality where your god might live, we're done.
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