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>snip citations from the WWGHA site<

Well done!

Well, you can sit on the sidelines if you don't want to get your dress dirty, but the men have work to do.

This is not an insult to me, but women. Congrats.

Men do more 'dirty work' than women, both in the literal sense that the work causes one's clothing to become dirty, and in the metaphorical sense that violence and war are 'dirty'. This is a rational conclusion based on empirical evidence and personal observation. The logical conclusion would be that women are less inclined to such 'dirty work'. Statement of fact is not insulting unless one is insulted by the truth.

I was not insulting women, I was questioning your masculinity.

Not so well done.  The issue here is not the statistical ratio of male to female butchers or garbage"men" or sewer technicians.  The sexism in your comment arises from the condescension directed toward femininity, and the implicit assumption that masculinity is superior and hence, questioning Azdgari's masculinity and putting him with the womenfolk on the "sidelines"[1] represents a proper insult.
 1. I have no idea where you'd get the notion that Greta Christina, Paula Kirby, Rebecca Watson, et. al. are sitting on the sidelines not getting their frilly dresses dirty in the conflict between reason and theism.
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