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Pray to God the Almighty for Wisdom and you don't need to go to school to know anything. Make Him your Rock and you will outwitt every scientist on the face of the earth.

This is a testable claim.  Since you presumably pray to Yahweh for wisdom, make him your rock, etc., you should be able to outwit every scientist on the face of the Earth.  So where's your Nobel Prize?  Cold fusion device that demonstrably works, with your name on the patent?  Published paper with the most elegant possible solution for Fermat's Last Theorem?  If Yahweh isn't able to take on the scientists, he ought to at least be able to outperform the Dow, right?  So where's your perfect record of profitable stock picks?  If Christians really have an omniscient, omnipotent best buddy, surely this would be obvious, wouldn't it?

Let's say Stephen Hawking was my roommate and best friend.  That would have results.  For one thing, just from the conversations we'd have over pints after work, I would know more physics than most people.  If somebody asked me a difficult question related to physics or cosmology, I could say, "I'll get back to you on that," then, the next day, return with an answer obviously more advanced than my own layman's grasp of the subject.

If I was adopted into the Rothschild family, that would have results.  For one thing, any money problems would disappear.  I would rather abruptly start wearing nicer, more expensive clothes, driving a newer car, visiting interesting places around the world, and so on.  I would start to receive training in the Family business(es) and general instruction in How To Be A Zillionaire Magnate.  My life would change.

Now let's say I should happen to befriend an alien, a member of an incredibly-advanced interstellar supercivilization.  Due to technological, genetic, etc. enhancements introduced into their species over the last few million years, this alien is a billion times more intelligent, artistically talented, etc. than the entire human species put together.  Isn't it pretty obvious that even if my new friend only helps me out once in awhile or gives me some minor (to her) bio-nanotech upgrade, that I would start to manifest a visible aura of formidability as the advantages conferred by my relationship became apparent?

Now, let's say that I had as my friend and mentor, the omnipotent, omniscient creator of all that is.  How could this not result in me striding like a colossus through a world of people who, lacking that relationship, can only access merely human levels of intelligence and competence?  In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

So where is the aura of formidability and practical advantage that access to flawless omniscient wisdom and the support of omnipotent power would inevitably provide for you, if your claims were valid?  Even if Yahweh honorably refused to help you cheat on your tests and job interviews, you would still inevitably learn things in the course of ordinary conversation that we mere mortals couldn't.  Like rooming with Stephen Hawking and Warren Buffet, only infinitely better.

And yet, we can see, laid out before us in your posts right here on this forum, that your imaginary friend is not any smarter than you are.  Likewise for the people who "channel" extraterrestrials or ancient Atlantean sages.  The demonstrable lack of access to superhuman levels of intelligence and knowledge for Biblical authors, people like you, or any other alleged contactee of the supernatural is powerful evidence for an atheistic, naturalist world view.  It fits exactly with the anticipated consequences we expect, and flatly contradicts the anticipated consequences of some humans having access to superhuman sources of knowledge.
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