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Christians believe in a life hereafter.

Yes, and they do so without justification. There is no evidence that any such thing exists.

Everybody dies

Yeah, but people live different qualities of life. I'd rather that child died of old age having lived a good quality life than have him die at age 5 of starvation after suffering the whole 5 years through. Wouldn't you agree?

we may feel the death of a child is more unjust but in context, their view makes sense.

What context? Even if god did exist and heaven were real, it still does not justify a god allowing a child to suffer a life of pain and misery and death by starvation, just to teach the rest of us a supposed 'lesson'. If such a god actually existed I would never worship it simply for being a sadistic fucker.

What to learn? Well, Jesus said this to Christians, "if you see somebody hungry and don't feed him, somebody without a house and ...".

I'm sorry but the incomplete quote says nothing to me. I don't know what you intended with it. If you're going to quote, give me the complete quote.

We could fix this mess.

Exactly. There is no god. It's up to us to fix these problems with the world. That's why I give a fixed 5% of my income to charity + ad-hoc donations for certain events like earthquakes, tsunami's, etc ... and I volunteer 2-3 times a year at charity events.

Most christians are sitting there doing jack shit praying to their god or justifying this type of suffering as part of their sky-daddy's oh so precious (i.e. sadistic) plan.

This child is sadly dying.  He may no learn anyhthing but hard to say.

To even suggest the child might be learning anything from starving to death is utterly despicable.
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