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I remember having the Players handbook with the Demon Statue on the cover with the thieves trying to steal part of it...and old D&Ders stating the same thing about the Brown Book rules. Yes the 1974 Brown Books rules.

Yeah, they did. Rangers, paladins, illusionists and Druids were added... Alignments went from just Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic to adding Good and Evil to the mix. It was the Golden Age of D&D.

Actually, I think 3.0 was the best version made and that came out well after I stopped playing regularly. Cleaned up a lot of unnecessary number crunching and conflicting rules, and made the characters more three dimensional. 4.0 is dumbed down in the extreme, and feel more like a late 90s computer game than D&D.

Haven't you guys ever heard of Pathfinder?!?!

When Hasbro made the travisty that is 4th Edition D&D, a company called Paizo bought the rights to the 3.5 ruleset, and ran with it in the *correct* direction, making a game called Pathfinder.  After, what 5 years now (how long has it been???), Pathfinder is the #1 selling RPG, and D&D is 2nd banana (because, in reality, Pathfinder stayed true to D&D, and D&D became more Yu-gi-oh)

Go to paizo.com and check out Pathfinder.  It's exactly what you old-school gamers are looking for.  Paizo knows how to write stuff, they're a company of gamers.

They also have "Society Play" which is differnet, but also cool.  the Society games at GenCon are incredible.  Last year's GenCon (my third trip) was so much fun.

Hey eh!--meaning no disrespect, but screw you   ;D  my gaming table has over 30 degrees of black belt between the 5 of us, so come on over and try to smack us around.  The game's awesome.  Trying to explain it is like trying to explain Firefly ("it's an outer-space western!").  You can't understand how cool it is unless you experience it, and it may take a try or three before you "get it."
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