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The point here is that once my son was grown and I had given him the tools necessary to survive on his own I expect him to do so.  I don't believe the first humans were infants incapable of self care.

If the being was incomprehensible then it would not have ever been comprehended.  I don't know that God is a being.  Maybe God is energy, IDK.

Energy is the source of life; to my knowledge.

You may not have experienced the comfort that belief can give but I have many times.  I could have been designed to self medicate or something helped, IDK.  I don't think I'd be alive today without that comfort.

Mostly I turned to God because my friends, loved ones, and society let me down.  W/o belief in God I would have nothing to calm the troubled waters of my soul Boots.



I think Wheels reiterated my point better than I did--that you're giving a god the credit, when the credit really belongs to you. *shrug*

you have my sympathies that your support network was not what it should have been.

for the record, I have, in fact, experienced the comfort of belief (mainly during the time I watched my mother die of cancer).  I have since learned that that belief was ill-placed and unnecessary, as I did not require it to comfort me when my brother took his own life.  I believe in myself, and in my children, and my wife.  Our love and strength of spirit is enough to see us through.  (no gods required)
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