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So, because you wantsomething to be true, you believe it *is* true?

How did you get there?  No, I want it to be true that I am richer than Bill Gates, but wanting it to be true doesn't make it true.  But there are some objective truths in the universe that, just because I don't want them to be true, doesn't make them false.

I got there by your statement, which I quoted:

"Because living is cruel and meaningless if pain, loss, and suffering have no purpose"

You don't like the thought of pain, loss, and suffering (ie. "life") having no "purpose."  I am suggesting you're creating a purpose because you want/need there to be one.

Quote from: gzusfreke
I took Hatter's request literally and provided him what he wanted. 

acutally, no you didn't, even if you did take his request literally.  You simply said "since Christianity is true..."  you can't assume what you're trying to prove is true, is true.

what Hatter was asking for (again, Hatter, please correct me if I'm wrong) is for your logical explanation of why you believe Xianity, and not any other religion.
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