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But isn't this the crux of the matter, Median? Without confirmation bias could any religion survive at all? I mean, without CB everyone who prays would quickly see that nothing happens - ever - when one prays.
A religion can certainly survive without confirmation bias getting in the way.  One need only bring to bear The Ultimate TrumpcardTM - mysterious ways.  Absolutely nothing can overcome it.  There is literally no outcome of any kind that cannot be ascribed to the mysterious ways of an omnipotent, omniscient entity.

Something happened that is incongruent to expectation - for example, an entity that can will anything to happen, doesn't want bad things to happen, but bad things happen?  Mysterious ways.
Prayer not answered?  Mysterious ways.
Absolutely zero confirming events, outcomes, results, or state of reality that coincide with the existence of god?  Mysterious ways.

When you've got The Ultimate TrumpcardTM handy, there is no need for this petty 'confirmation' of anything.  Such confirmation is unnecessary and gratuitous.  It's just true.  Doesn't seem true?  Mysterious ways.

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