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There are levels of belief

George Washington exists even now, he is living on Neptune, and he watches everything you do.

He is powerful enough to create the entire universe, and in his loving "perfect god" status, he created Adam and Eve.
He blesses some, but not everyone.

His purpose in creating this whole vast universe, is to bring us, his pet project, to know and love him.

We have absolutely no purpose other than to have faith that he exists (even though he hides with the skill of a god) and to love him.

That's right, absolutely no purpose but to have faith and to love god.

The reason George (the father) hides on Neptune is he cannot show himself to us because that will remove the need of faith, and worse (so the theologians say) will remove our freewill.
Of course if that was the case, one might wonder how satan ever rebelled (permanently in god's direct company, still exercises freewill).

It also seems to be contradicted by the bible old and new when god was guest appearing (for one night only  in Mary's case) regularly.

Of course one should not question the contradictions like a rational honest or intelligent human.

Much better to just believe in George (the unknowable) and accept the illogic of George (the mysterious) while loving him (no matter what evil he allows) like a loving sheep (the hilarious).

Believe in George!!  You don't know the half of it . . . but watch this, and you will!!  NSFW due to profanity.  100% historically accurate!!

"Here comes George, in control."

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