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Hey there Sam.  Welcome to our mostly happy home.

I have a question for you.  Are you aware of the psycholgocial phenomenon in which the human mind is evolved specifically to fill in patterns, even when they're not there?  Like those puzzles/brain teasers that show a partial picutre, and your brain fills in the rest?  This is a well-documented survival response.  It manifests in a lot of ways, and will always mainfest in such a way as to incorporate our expectations and individual experiences.  For example, someone who is very religious may hear a moaning wind through their house and hear god's voice; someone very superstitious re: ghosts may be certain their house is haunted; someone who is a non-superstitous handyman will wonder where the air is leaking in.

Have you explored the possibility that you are answering your own questions during prayer--that you really already KNOW the answers?  (in my experience, lots of folks--self included--already know the answer when they ask for friends' help/opinion/$0.02)  That you're "inserting god" when he may not be there--seeing "his answers" to your prayers when they really are examples of sh1t happening?
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