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How can I prove that I physically feel my spirit?   That I feel anything?  I feel these keys how do I prove that?

I don't think you need to prove something like that. Many people feel the same way, even atheists. Many atheists I know admit to having some level of "spirituality", apart from specific religious beliefs or tenets. When I consider the cosmos, I get feelings of awe that I cannot explain. When I ride my mountain bike through trails among the trees and rocks, I see and hear animals everywhere...and I am in awe. I feel a strong connection to nature. I attribute that to the fact that I am as much a part of that same nature as anything else.

I don't know if I am connected to nature, but I do know that I am the stuff of nature. I just can't feel any connection to anything supernatural that is invented by humans, like gods. I have to add also that I have absolutely zero feelings or concerns that humans are somehow broken, or sinners - or whatever the hell these religious people keep proclaiming...pure nonsense.
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