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Seems to me that you should probably sum up your ideas and present them, rather than leave us with such open-ended "why" questions.  BTW, the author of the home page does not participate in the forum.

WWGHA is an important question because it is abundantly clear that many people believe that a god actually changes human physiology and "heals" as a result of prayer.  Oddly though, this god NEVER heals amputees.  Can you tell us why that might be the case?

We do live in modern times, where we have learned that lightning is not a weapon of a god, and that our planet revolves around one of many trillions of trillions of stars (this planet is not special).  We know how species have come to be over time, we have fossil records, and mountains of data that show the evolution of life.  We know, with great certainty, that there was no flood that covered all of the world's tallest mountains.  I could go on...

It is also VERY important to ask whether a god exists.  People have been using their god and all of it's baggage (rules, doctrines, etc.) to control others, and to legislate morality, and to oppress human rights and freedoms.  IT is far beyond time to put a full stop to this nonsense.  Let those who think they have a sky daddy to answer to when they die continue on their delusions in full bliss.  But do NOT let them heap their nonsense upon the rest of us.
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