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It seems that their morality is the shaky one, based on old books and interpreted by supposedly wise men. They have to ignore so much of their own beliefs to live in modern society. No slavery, no genocide, no mistreatment of women, no persecution of gays, no cruelty to animals, no stoning of children or adulterers. How can they call themselves moral if they don't follow their own rules?

I don't get how religious folks can go on about how, if we humans are not made all special by a magic god then we are worthless or just the same as ants or grass. Why is the idea of nature making stuff so scary to them? Do they think it is okay to pollute the ocean and its fish, or burn down a forest full of wildlife-- because they aren't humans and don't have special magic souls? Why not just torture and kill animals for fun--no souls, right?

Basically, any "religious" person who tries to claim that we cannot be moral, or even have morals without a god, is full of shit.  We know this is true because many non-believers are as moral, or even more moral than many believers.  This is a fact that cannot be refuted by the mythological and unsupported nonsense spouted by delusional people.  My "religious" friends that I have come out to at work simply don't know what to do with me, as I am in a software support role for almost 1,000 people, and I am well known for going out of my way to help anyone with whatever problems they are having.  Their last resort is to patronizingly tell me that they pray for me, and that they just don't want me to end up in hell. 

Boy, they make me feel so special.
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