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Respectfully, I would put a gun in a different category, personally.  It has no other purpose other than to kill.  A person who feels the need to carry a gun for any reason at all, has no other position to stand on.

So all the cops out there doing daily work intend to kill, just because they carry loaded guns? Because that's the argument that the Gawd is putting forward.

Carrying a gun while doing neighborhood patrol automatically puts one in the position of very few choices: show you have a weapon, draw the weapon, fire the weapon.

Unless, of course, one just holds a suspect/perpetrator at gunpoint, without firing. Do you think that never happens? My guess is it happens fairly frequently, in both private and public arenas. But only a fool would try that tactic with an unloaded weapon.

For the record, I'm not defending Zim either. I think he made a huge, tragic mistake. Whether on accident or on purpose, I don't presume to know.

Regardless of any specific result, a gun is purely designed to kill.  Carrying a loaded gun means that one implicitly recognizes that end result - as well, in training, my understanding is that you do not pull out a loaded weapon unless you are fully prepared to kill.  Out side of cops, who trains people to pull out their gun and simply brandish it?

I am not trying to defend anyone, simply making a point about the purpose of a gun.  In fact, I have been told by more than one CHL friend that they are told to de-escalate first, before even brandishing a weapon.  After all, if one decides to pull out a gun, they are also risking their own life.  It's not as if carrying a gun guarantees a good outcome for the carrier - they are literally risking their own life, and I think sometimes people forget that.

The practical reason for carrying a gun goes straight to the ability and intent to kill if necessary - that is the fundamental argument I am making.  I'm not sure why anyone would think otherwise.
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