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This is an interesting question, and one that has me perplexed on certain attitudes.  In person, not on the internet, I have asked this very question to some Christian friends.  When pushed, two of them admitted that they would follow YHWH's orders to kill their own children.  Although, they vehemently defended the position that YHWH would NEVER ask such a thing.

They also admitted that there have been plenty of examples where people have indeed claimed that YHWH asked them to kill their own children, and they followed through.  Of course, everyone immediately considers these people to be sick, or in some way possessed by Satan, or something.  YHWH would NEVER ask such a thing - even though he has, according to scripture.

I asked these people, who admitted that they would follow YHWH's orders, what they believe would happen if they actually followed through, and they each admitted that they would be arrested, and that the defense of "God told me to kill my child" would likely not work, and most sane people would consider them a horrific parent, at best.

Now, when I confront the very important issue of how "crazy" one would appear if they did such a thing, there is complete silence.  Yes, YHWH asked Abraham to kill his son, but he would NEVER ask a modern Christian to do such a thing, even though, according to some murderers today, he did exactly that.

Bottom line - when something like this happens, there is no God.  Simple.
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