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You are on a forum, on the internet, which is not at all representative of any particular group, except people who like to debate and discuss on the internet!  That's the main reason, I think, that you feel this way.  This includes religious believers as well.  We know that the vast majority of believers are nice people, who have no interest in pushing their morals, or beliefs, or legislating their religious morality upon everyone. 

It is also likely true that the vast majority of atheists just don't get involved in these debates and discussions.  They just go about their lives like everyone else.

I think that most people just want to live and let live.  It's the outspoken ones in all groups that create the feelings, regardless of what they believe.  If you look around on the internet, you will find atheists arguing with each other about how to discuss and debate the merits of non-belief.  Or how to properly address the religious when discussing these topics, etc., etc.

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