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You can't have the NT without the OT.  You can't have it both ways.  If a Christian is willing to throw out old OT laws, how are we to determine exactly which ones are no longer valid?  I can't disprove YHWH using the OT as a source, because it's a just a book full of stories.  But those stories are mostly pathetic when attached to a supreme creator of the universe with attributes of multi-omniness.

Can we ignore the world-wide flood story?  What about Jonah living in the whale/fish for three days and surviving?  Are you OK with Joshua's army slaughtering entire towns of women, children, and animals because YHWH commanded it in the OT?  I could go on and on, so I have no idea why you would isolate some dumb laws.  Do you remember which book in the OT outlined the rules for pooping in the camp before a battle?

Geez...you'd think modern Christians could find better ways to spend their time defending their myths.
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