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Why do you hate god so much?

Because over the entire 50 years of my life, he has never once bothered to even say hello.  The almighty god of the entire universe doesn't have the time or inclination to reveal itself to most humans.  It would rather spend it's time speaking through select individuals with pointy hats and robes, and men who use their "holy" position in their societies to abuse innocent children.

He thinks it best to let some parents know that prayer is better than modern medicine, and watches them die needlessly.  And he is unable to convince the Muslims that Muhammed was completely wrong.  God, in short, is by far the most unbelievably inept entity to ever create our universe, call us his children, and ask us to worship him.

He has tried to kill anyone and everything that ever lived, and made the poorest decisions possible with the very few chosen with whom he had personal conversations.  Abraham, Job, Mary (his biggest fuck-up to date).  He's like a teenager let loose after years of a strict childhood.

You know, for all of the things that many of us find wonderful,beautiful, and amazing about the universe we find ourselves in, God has done practically nothing to embrace that aspect, and has always chosen to be vindictive, mean, murderous, and misogynistic on a scale too petty to comprehend.  God has single-handedly set more humans against each other than any other thing.

In short, God is unworthy of recognition, much less worship.

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